pulmonology at prathima hospitals



The Department of Pulmonology at Prathima Hospitals offers coordinated multi-disciplinary caregiving a continuum of care from beginning finding to finish recuperation to patients experiencing the different respiratory issues.



PRATHIMA is the best paediatric hospital in Hyderabad and the department of Paediatrics & Neonatology is a sophisticated, a well-equipped department with dedicated specialists and highly experienced consultants available round-the-clock.

internal medicine at prathima hospitals

General Medicine

(general medicine)

Prathima Hospitals offers exhaustive in-understanding and out-tolerant care—from routine administrations like preventive care, yearly physical registration, and vaccinations

endocrinology at prathima hospitals





women and child care at prathima hospitals

Women and childcare

(women and childcare)

The department is a dedicated Centre of Excellence offering world-class Mother & Child, Women’s healthcare services. The department has a well-equipped NICU and a strong team of seasoned Gynaecologists, Neonatologists ready to offer top-class care at all times.



plastic surgery

Plastic Surgery

(plastic surgery)

The Department of Plastic Surgery at Prathima Hospitals has a group of talented specialists for Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic surgery who are all around experienced with all the most recent procedures.

Welcome to Prathima Multi - Superspecialty Hospitals

Prathima hospitals recognized as the best hospital in Hyderabad by bringing together a dedicated team of physicians, surgeons and healthcare specialists to provide healthcare and hospitality under one roof giving it a perfect professional blend of multi-specialties. The foundation stone of our Prathima hospitals is laid back 20 years ago, the hospital is blessed with all facilities that satisfy the needs in any discipline of health and comfort of the patients.

True to our legacy of quality, the hospitals feature Centres of Excellence in Cardiology, Critical Care, Gastroenterology, Mother & Childcare, Orthopaedics, Neurosciences, Nephrology, Urology and Neonatology. To make quality healthcare accessible and affordable to the common man, we are expanding our services to all the districts of Telangana.