Department of Gastroenterology

The Gastroenterology department at Prathima Hospitals provides cutting-edge Medical and Surgical Gastroenterology services. The department is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure together with highly expert medical and surgical gastroenterologists to treat GI diseases like colon polyps, GI cancer, liver cirrhosis, peptic ulcer disease, colitis, pancreatitis etc.

Prathima Hospitals is one of the best gastro hospitals in Hyderabad and the gastroenterology department has extensive experience in the field of Luminal Gastroenterology, more specifically in the field of IBD, biliary and pancreatic disease.

We at PRATHIMA Hospitals have a highly specialized team of doctors in the Department of Gastroenterology which delivers the highest quality of care for a wide range of gastrointestinal conditions. This department provides services for various conditions, including both medical and surgical gastroenterology conditions.

Our multidisciplinary team of doctors involving gastrointestinal consultants, radiologists, pathologists and oncologists works together to provide the best-personalized care for a patient be it a routine test or a complex cancer treatment. We provide faster diagnosis and advanced treatment options to patients of all age groups with the latest diagnostic and endoscopic technology available.

Our highly experienced team of doctors treat a variety of gastroenterological conditions like cancer of the gastrointestinal tract, pancreatitis, polyps, liver cirrhosis, Crohn’s disease, Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), gall stones and even weight loss procedures and surgeries.

Some of the key procedures done in the hospital include:

  • Polyp removal from the large intestine
  • Management of various carcinomas of the intestine
  • Surgical Management of necrotizing and chronic pancreatitis
  • Shunt and non-shunt surgeries for portal hypertension
  • Surgery for corrosive esophageal injury
  • Treatment of unilateral and bilateral inguinal hernia with prolene mesh
  • Gallbladder removal
  • Gastric banding
  • Liver transplant
  • Esophagectomy for cancer
  • Gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy including stapling
  • Surgical management of ulcerative colitis

Various gastroenterology Facilities available in the hospital include:

  • 190 series endoscopy, colonoscopy
  • Endoscopic ultrasound
  • Sigmoidoscopy
  • Advanced laparoscopy systems
  • 24-hour ph metry
  • Endosonography
  • Endoscopic retrograde cholangio pancreaticography (ERCP)
  • Manometry

Our Medical Gastroenterology experts deal with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disorders such as chronic diarrhea, constipation, peptic ulcer, acute liver failure, portal hypertension, diseases of the digestive tract including the stomach, duodenum, gall bladder, biliary tract, pancreas, small intestine, liver and colon.


Our team of Surgical Gastroenterologists has performed a wide variety of surgical procedures for all the diseases related to liver and pancreas in addition to cancers/tumors as well as other disorders involving the bile duct, gall bladder, esophagus, stomach, duodenum, colon & rectum.

  • Management of Cholangio Carcinoma
  • Management of acute upper and lower Gl hemorrhages
  • Removal of polyps from the large intestine
  • Stent placement in food pipe, colon, small intestine, bile duct and pancreatic duct
  • Management of bile duct and pancreatic duct stones
  • Surgical management of necrotizing and chronic pancreatitis
  • Surgical management of ulcerative colitis
  • Colorectal, esophageal & gastric cancer surgery
  • Management of liver trauma
  • Surgery for benign biliary strictures post-cholecystectomy bile duct stricture
  • Portal hypertension – shunt and non-shunt surgeries
  • Definitive surgery for choledochal cyst
  • Surgery for corrosive esophageal injury
  • Sleeve gastrectomy including stapling
  • Gastric bypass including stapling
  • Laparoscopic surgery for achalasia cardia
  • Laparoscopic surgery for hiatus hernia
  • Esophagectomy for cancer
  • BL Inguinal Hernia (with Prolene mesh)-Uni
  • BL Inguinal Hernia (with Prolene mesh)-Bi
  • Lap cholecystectomy (Gall bladder removal)
  • Umbilical hernia (with high generation mesh)
  • Open ventral hernia repair
  • Polypectomy major
  • Liver transplant
  • Single balloon enteroscopy to identify small bowel lesions
  • Gastric banding
  • 190 series Endoscopy, Colonoscopy
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (ERCP)
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic Flexible Sigmoidoscopy
  • Endoscopic ultrasound
  • Advanced HD Laparoscopy systems
  • 24-hour pH metry
  • Hydrogen breath test
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic Endosonography
  • Manometry
  • Dedicated Gastro OTs with modular, laminar flow
  • Suites to perform Colonoscopy & Endoscopy