Best Plastic Surgeon in Hyderabad Department of Plastic Surgery

Best Plastic Surgeon in Hyderabad

The Department of Plastic Surgery at Prathima Hospitals has a group of talented specialists for Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic surgery! The Best Plastic Surgeon in Hyderabad has advanced experience with almost all recent procedures. The Department boasts an expertly prepared and dedicated Operation Theatre (OT) that is used for every kind of microsurgery and recreation.

Best Plastic Surgery in Hyderabad, Prathima Hospitals Services include: 

  • Corrective repair of wounds of the face.
  • Recreation of hand wounds.
  • Corrective Face Surgery-like evacuation of moles, scars resetting of the nose, lip lessening.
  • Body shaping – liposuction, fat infusion, tummy tuck.
  • Corrective bosom surgery-male bosom surgery, female bosom diminishment, female bosom increase.
  • Treatment and surgery for the consumes and post consume deformations.
  • Inborn variations from the norm congenital fissure, congenital fissure, combined fingers, tumours of vessels like lymphangiomas, and arteriovenous distortions.
  • Microsurgery of veins and nerves.
  • Skin surgery of open crack.