plastic surgery Department of Plastic Surgery

The Department of Plastic Surgery at Prathima Hospitals has a group of talented specialists for Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic surgery who are all around experienced with all the most recent procedures. The Department gloats of a completely prepared and devoted Operation Theater (OT) where every one of the Microsurgeries and recreation surgeries is performed.

  • Corrective repair of wounds of face.
  • Recreation of hand wounds.
  • Corrective Face Surgery-like evacuation of moles, scars resetting of nose, lip lessening.
  • Body shaping – liposuction, fat infusion, tummy tuck.
  • Corrective bosom surgery-male bosom surgery, female bosom diminishment, female bosom increase.
  • Treatment and surgery for the consumes and post consume deformations.
  • Inborn variations from the norm congenital fissure, congenital fissure, combined fingers, tumors of vessels like lymphangiomas, arteriovenous distortions.
  • Microsurgery of veins and nerves.
  • Skin surgery of open crack.