Department of Emergency and Trauma Care

The Department of Emergency Medicine at PRATHIMA Hospitals offers immediate treatment for any emergency with the highest level of care, round-the-clock.

Prathima hospital’s emergency room comprising of 10 beds manned by a dedicated team of doctors, nurses and paramedical staff with facility for invasive ventilatory and hemodynamic supports, and point of care testing ensures quality resuscitation and stabilization.

Stroke Protocol

All patients presenting with acute neurological deficits are attended to by a quick response stroke team comprising of neurologists and vascular surgeons and urgent radiological services for early re-perfusion therapy.


Victims of road traffic accidents with multi-system injury are attended to by activating a dedicated trauma team comprising of surgeons, orthopaedic surgeons, neurosurgeons and trauma co-coordinator.

Mass Casualty

In the event of incident with multiple victims, mass casualty protocol is initiated in which we liaise with multiple units like operation theatres, blood bank, etc for better resource management.

Point Of Care Investigations

The ED houses various tools for investigations such as an ABG machine, portable X-ray and ultrasound services, ECG, etc. for point of care decision making.


The resuscitation room has a facility for invasive and non-invasive ventilation.

The Emergency Care center at Prathima hospitals guarantees you the highest levels of skill, expertise and infrastructure. And can manage all

  • Cardiac Emergencies
  • Acute Respiratory Emergencies
  • Surgical Emergencies
  • Acute Stroke Management (Stroke ready hospital)
  • Poisoning and drug overdosage
  • Environmental emergencies
  • 24×7 Trauma care
  • Obstetric and gynaecological Emergencies
  • Pediatric Emergencies etc

Our hospital offers services with 24/7 access day-and-night to modern operation theatres, imaging & diagnostic tools and all medicines availability with 24-hour pharmacies for an immediate and accurate diagnosis to treat the patient’s condition.

  • 24*7 Availability of well-equipped ambulances by medical personnel
  • 24*7 Blood Bank
  • 24*7 comprehensive emergency medical services
  • 24*7 clinical laboratory services
  • 24*7 Imaging services