On the Occasion of Children’s Day Gift your Parents a Token of love

World Diabetes Day

World Diabetes Day and Childern’s Day

Prathima Hospitals bringing you a new and exclusive health package on the occasion of Children’s day and World Diabetes Day on 14th November.
Diabetes is one of the major risk factors and rapidly growing health complications across the globe. Early diagnosis of diabetes can be managed with the help of medication and can reduce the risk of chronic health complications and affect organs too. There are two types of diabetes, Type-1, and Type-2. 1in 10 people is diagnosed with diabetes in India. Due to a lack of awareness and access to checkups, the diagnosis of diabetes is getting delayed, which lands up into chronic health complications.
To avoid this situation, Prathima Hospitals is conducting free diabetes checks up and doctor consultations. In Prathima Hospital, Kachiguda branch exclusive health package starting from 12th November to 15th November.
World Diabetes Day and children can send this unique package to their parents as a token of their affection, and then two of the nation’s top general practitioners, Drs. With a combined expertise of more than 20 years, Shashank and Syed Musthafa Ashraf, The Department of General Medicine at Prathima Hospitals both primary and secondary medical care. Our skilled doctors provide the first diagnoses and evaluations for any acute or chronic illnesses in addition to managing and coordinating all of your medical requirements.
Gynecologist Dr. Anitha has more than 25 years of experience treating patients with gynecology-related conditions and advising them on how to lead healthy lives. She previously worked in a reputable government hospital. During her career, she performed more than 30,000 deliveries and trained hundreds more doctors. General physician in Kukatpally.
Dr. Praneeth Reddy is a pediatrician with more than ten years of experience. One of the most comprehensive childcare facilities in the area, the Department of Pediatrics & Neonatology offers exceptional treatment in general pediatrics, asthma & allergy, adolescent medicine, child & adolescent psychiatry, developmental pediatrics, endocrinology, hematology, and oncology.
To handle any level of medical difficulties in the infant, the advanced NICU unit is completely furnished with top-of-the-line monitoring, incubators, high-frequency ventilators, and surfactant therapy.
Nutritionist Miss. Revathi has expertise in developing a healthy diet based on the needs of each patient.
On the occasion of World Diabetes Day in addition, we are providing special discounts on radiological and blood tests.
People can get a 50% discount on blood investigations and a 30% discount on radiology imaging, according to doctors’ recommendations.
We kindly ask everyone to book an appointment in advance online to avoid standing in line for lengthy doctor consultations and investigations. General physician in Hyderabad.
For any inquiries or ointments can call 733 733 6600 / 040 4345 4345.

We are available round the clock.

Prathima Hospital is a multi-specialty hospital in Kachiguda. Only hospital in the region offering Adult and Paediatric Liver Transplantation, Kidney Transplantation, and Bowel transplantations. We are Ranked as the best hospital in Hyderabad for 2 consecutive years and we are providing emergency services available at Prathima Hospital, Kachiguda.

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