World Hepatitis Day Awareness Program in KPHB Unit

World Hepatitis Day is observed annually on July 28 in order to raise public awareness of the effects of viral hepatitis, which can induce liver inflammation and result in serious liver diseases and liver cancer.

Of order to address the rise in anonymous acute hepatitis, which is primarily harming youngsters, a group of WHO experts, eminent scientists, and policymakers from a few nations are working together. There are signs that the five known hepatitis viruses are not the cause of this sickness (A, B, C, D, and E).

Most acute hepatitis infections only result in moderate sickness, and they can occasionally go unnoticed. But occasionally it causes fulminant liver disease, which can be fatal and may even call for a liver transplant. Worldwide, acute hepatitis A-E infection complications are thought to have killed 78,000 people in just 2019 alone.

On the occasion of World Hepatitis Day
Prathima Hospitals conducted awareness programs at kachiguda and Kukatpally units.
A glimpse of the event on the “Hepatitis awareness program” conducted in the KPHB unit.

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