Dr. B. Madhavi

Dr. B. Madhavi

MBBS, MD(OBG) Chief Obstetrician & Gynaecologist

Doctor Profile

  1. Practicing since 21years
  2. Been in government services (singareni colories & ESI)
  3. Been in private practice for 16years in Kukatpally.
  4. Worked as consultant in Apollo hospitals, remedy hospital and Ramadev Rao hospital.
  5. Serving has head of obstetrics & gynecology in Mamatha hospitals in Kukatpally for the past 21years.
  6. Dealing with high risk obstetrics cases, preeclampsia.
  7. Dealing in emergency obstetric cases like ectopic pregnancy.

Dr.B.Madhavi (MBBS, MD) is a Chief Obstetrician & Gynaecologist with more than two decades of experience. She is a core group of Consultants who joined Prathima Hospitals. She has extensive experience in dealing with high-risk pregnancies.

With the expertise in dealing with women's health, including prenatal care, reproductive health, contraceptive choices, and menstrual disorders, she goes to the extra mile in creating a supportive patient environment. Dr.B.Madhavi is very interactive and sensitive in understanding the unique needs of each individual woman. She has a clear speech of conveying the causes of health issues in women and regarding the obstetrics. She not only treats them but on the other hand, she helps the patients to understand the whole process of the treatment in their terms. She has tremendous experience in dealing with high-risk obstetrics cases like preeclampsia and emergency obstetric cases like ectopic pregnancy.