Our Facilities

Emergency & Trauma


The world-class Emergency & Trauma Care Department at Prathima Hospitals can treat all sorts of emergencies. The Centre has Cardiovascular Life Support Ambulances that are well-equipped and operated around the clock by highly qualified physicians and skilled nurses with critical life support systems. Our excellence is based on a combination of emergency medicine specialists, multidisciplinary teams, the most advanced clinical facilities, and a focus on clinical quality. We have earned the reputation of being the busiest private emergency and trauma center in Hyderabad. We have a wide range of emergency and trauma services at Prathima Hospital, assisted by extensive diagnostic and critical care facilities.

Operation Theater


We have a sterile atmosphere and the latest equipment for surgeries. Our experienced team understands that success in invasive surgical procedures requires expert surgeons and best-in-class surgical equipment and minimization of infection for optimal patient recovery through the laminar airflow. Our operation theatres are some of the most sophisticated operating rooms in the country. The theatres are built to maintain infection prevention and patient well-being at heart. Our theatres are fitted with smart technology to ensure our caregivers’ and patients’ best possible surgical experience.



We are adequately trained to take on even the most difficult cases at the Prathima Hospital. We use the most sophisticated equipment and validated approaches to vital case management to provide genuinely effective intensive care. Prathima Hospital is one of the leading multi-specialty healthcare providers in India. The department of ICU & Critical care is at the Centre for many treatments that save lives. In clean, infection-proof settings, patients are supervised around the clock by highly qualified doctors, specialist nurses, respiratory therapists, psychologists, and various clinicians on call to deal with emergencies.


Diagnostic Facilities – LAB


Diagnostic Centre is only complete if it offers both pathological findings and radiological findings, and both pathological services and radiological imaging are provided by Prathima hospital. 

The best laboratory gives a full range of blood tests and other bodily fluids in Hyderabad. A systematic and digital examination of these fluids helps recognize any defects and diseases in the body, whether it be an adult or an infant. The facility is 24×7 operational and complies with international standards and well-defined protocols set by emergency experts worldwide. Equipped with the most modern equipment and Information Technology, our practitioners work together to provide the best possible diagnoses to patients.

Pharmacy Services


In order to eliminate the danger of counterfeit and unsuccessful medicines, the hospital has its own pharmacy to ensure the availability of legitimate medicines from reputable national pharmaceutical firms. The pharmacy works to meet the needs of patients around the clock.



A medical emergency is defined as a situation that happens without warning, and the person involved is in a situation of life and death. Our Ambulances are equipped with life-saving equipment and are staffed in a continuous state of alertness at the hospital by experienced and qualified medical and para-medical staff to ensure that patients arrive quickly and safely at the Prathima hospital. The first step in saving lives is to save time.



At Prathima hospital, the Department of Radiology and Imaging works around the clock to provide the highest standard of diagnostic imaging, followed by expert analysis by a team of highly trained radiologists. 

Fitted with state-of-the-art equipment and assisted by radiologists who are highly educated. We are committed to ensuring the complete support of super-specialized radiology facilities by trained technicians and technical personnel.

Cath Lab

A disease of the heart is essentially preventable. Nine in ten Indians have a risk factor of at least one. Heart attack therapies differ by condition. Prathima Hospital provides the best facilities of Cath Lab to test their patients with different heart-related issues. We have highly equipped technology, and our Cath Lab has trained cardiovascular technology technicians who play a critical role in supporting the doctor during the procedures.


Wellness Package

With a full body checkup, we are able to understand the functioning of our essential body organs such as the kidney, heart, liver, blood sugar level, blood platelet counts, etc. With the support of our health care facilities & medical staff, we are able to help patients fight their disease successfully.