Dr. Sai Dhedeepyaa k - Interventional Pulmonologist

Dr. Sai Dhedeepyaa k

MBBS, MD (Pulmonology), Fellowship in Interventional Pulmonology Consultant Interventionl Pulmonologist

Dr. Sai Dhedeepyaa K is a consultant Interventional Pulmonologist at Prathima Hospital, Kachiguda. Having good experience in treating patients who come up with various pulmonary health complications.

Special Interest in:

  • Airway diseases – Asthma and COPD, bronchitis, bronchiectasis
  • Parenchymal lung diseases, Pneumonias
  • Interstitial lung diseases including IPF, Sarcoidosis
  • Pleural diseases – pleural effusions, Empyemas, pneumothorax
  • Connective tissue related to lung diseases
  • Screening of lung cancer
  • Viral pneumonia including swine flu
  • Post-transplant lung diseases/infections