World Hepatitis Day Awareness Program in Kachiguda Unit

Eliminating hepatitis B, C, and D infections is the main goal on a global scale. These three illnesses, as opposed to acute viral hepatitis, generate chronic hepatitis, which lasts for many years and ultimately results in more than 10 lakh fatalities every year from liver cancer and cirrhosis.

More than 95% of hepatitis-related deaths occur as a result of these three chronic illnesses. Even though we have the knowledge and resources to identify, manage, and prevent persistent viral hepatitis.

World Hepatitis Day is a time to recognise the accomplishments and take on the current issues. Additionally, this day brings the entire world’s hepatitis community together to promote hepatitis prevention, diagnosis, and treatment through fostering meaningful political change and raising awareness of the disease – ” General Medicine in Kukatpally

Hepatitis C has been eradicated worldwide from its sources thanks to extensive effort. World Hepatitis Day is an annual celebration that strives to encourage and raise public awareness of the disease’s detection, treatment, and prevention.

How can we eradicate hepatitis?

– increase understanding of the different types of hepatitis and how they are spread.

– Reiterate the importance of hepatitis prevention and management.

– the hepatitis B vaccination campaign should be strengthened.

– boosts efforts to combat the disease on a worldwide scale.

On the occasion of World Hepatitis Day
Prathima Hospitals conducted awareness programs at kachiguda and Kukatpally units.
A glimpse of the event on the “Hepatitis awareness program” conducted in the Kachiguda unit.

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