Dr. Diiwakar Naidu Gajjala - nephrologist

Dr. Diwakar Naidu Gajjala

MBBS, MD General Medicine, DM Nephrology Consultant Nephrologist and Renal Transplant Physician

Dr. Diiwakar Naidu Gajjala has 12+ years of experience as Nephrologist. Performed a number of complex Renal Transplantations. Treated thousands of kidney patients.


  • MBBS (2000 - 2006) Kurnool Medical College, Kurnool.
  • MD, General Medicine (2008 - 2010), SVRR GGH, Tirupati
  • DM, Nephrology (2011 - 2014), Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS), Hyderabad.
  • Lecturer in the Department of Nephrology since Sep 2014.
  • Senior resident in department of internal medicine and critical care in CARE hospital, Banjara Hills. 2011-2012


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Conference paper presentations
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