Complex Liver Transplant Surgery Performed to a 5 Months Baby at Prathima Hospitals

paediatric liver transplant at prathima hospitals, hyderabad

Department of Liver Transplantation Doctors of Prathima Hospitals had successfully performed a challenging liver transplant for a 5 months old baby called Sriyansh. Sriyaan is just 5 months year-old with a 4.5 kg weight. He was born with a rare condition called Congenital Biliary Atresia, where the baby had a blockage in the tubes that carry the bile from the liver to the gallbladder. The baby was admitted with deep jaundice with serum bilirubin of 41 and has a bleeding tendency and water formation asertise was present.

The patient (Master Sriyansh) was hospitalized at different hospitals before coming to Prathima Hospitals, but they haven’t seen any improvement in the baby’s health. After somehow, another hospital in Karimnagar had referred the patient to Prathima Hospitals for liver transplantation surgery. Doctors had faced two challenges with this transplantation; one is performing a transplantation surgery for such a small baby, and the other is the financial issue with the patient’s parents.

But doctors at Prathima Hospitals haven’t given up on this small baby. They’ve tried different methods to raise the fund for liver transplantation surgery by using social media, crowdfunding, and with the help of PR.
Another issue faced by the doctors regarding the baby’s surgery was that the most important blood vessel called the Portal vein; which the surgery even more complicated. However, doctors had tried their best to reconstruct the portal vein with the new method which hasn’t been listed in the literature; that called Artificial Graft (PTFE). And as the baby was just 4.5 kgs; it made it difficult to put the liver into the abdomen as the occupancy was small in the baby’s abdomen.

Transplant surgeons had made a small portion by reducing the graft size of the liver from the donor and transplanted into the baby by preserving the blood flow. Eventually, the surgery was done successfully. And the surgeons concluded that doing these kinds of surgery is a challenge due to the smaller (artery size was around 1.2 mm in this baby) blood vessels. THE SURGERY WAS DONE WITH LESS THAN 100 ML OF BLOOD LOSS.
Even the Paediatric Intensive Nurses team had to take care of the baby after the surgery. Now, the baby is getting discharged from the hospital with no complications and with a lot of smiles.

The patient’s parents are happy now on seeing their baby back to normal health. We want to convey that Prathima Hospital is always ready to deal with challenging pediatric liver transplantation surgeries with advanced equipment and a vast experienced Liver transplant surgeons team heading by Dr. CH. Madhusudhan, MS, MCh (AIIMS), FRCS (UK), Senior Surgical Gastroenterologist & Liver Transplant Surgeon

Prathima Hospitals is one of the hospitals that had performed Pediatric Liver Transplantations with a 100% Success Rate.

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