CME Lecture on “Current Concepts in Liver Transplantation”

CME Lecture on “Current Concepts in Liver Transplantation” by Dr. CH. Madhusudhan, Senior Consultant in Surgical Gastroenterology and Liver Transplantation.

Prathima hospital is the premier scientific and medical organization dedicated to preventing and curing liver disease. We promote research that leads to better treatment choices for millions of people suffering from liver disease. For this, we had kept a CME lecture on ” Current topics in LIVER TRANSPLANTATION “Our speaker for the event was Dr. CH. MADHUSUDHAN sir, a senior consultant in surgical gastroenterology and liver transplantation practicing at our hospital. The CME program’s purpose is to learn more about current trends, management strategies, recent developments, and research in the treatment of a wide spectrum of liver disorders, such as Fatty Liver/NASH, Hepatocellulorganization, Cholestatic Diseases, and Liver Transplantation. Many people benefitted from this informative discourse.

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