Celebrate World Health Day with 25% Discount on All Investigations!

world health day

on the occasion of world health day, Prathima Hospitals 25% discount on all investigations, from 7th April to 6th May 2023. call: 7337336600 / 040 4345 4345

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Importance of Regular Cardiac checkups

Importance of Cardiac Checkup

The cardiac checkup package makes it possible to detect heart issues early. It may also aid in establishing the accurate diagnosis for specific situations (such as dyspnea, high or low blood pressure, vertigo, and chest pain).

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Diabetes Vs Chronic Kidney Disease and Heart Disease

Diabetes, Chronic Kidney Disease, and Heart Disease

The interconnectedness of our organs is the connection between chronic kidney disease (CKD), diabetes, and heart disease

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Know About Seasonal Flu

seasonal flu precautions - best hospital in hyderabad

During every season, you see in media about flu-related hospitalizations and deaths. You or your family member might have suffered from flu-related illnesses in the past. Flu season is going to start in the coming months. Are you ready to protect yourself from getting the flu in this season?

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Know the Warning Signs of Heart Attack – Act Fast

Know the Warning Signs of Heart Attack

Know the Warning Signs of Heart Attack - Act Fast.

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10 Myths and Facts about Breast Feeding

Facts about Breast Feeding

There are a lot of myths spreading about Breastfeeding. So to bust myths about breastfeeding we have jotted out points to be remembered in this write-up.

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