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    Piles (Hemorrhoids) are enlarging blood vessels that form inside or around the anus (the opening of your bottom). Blood veins in the anus perform a crucial part in incontinence, thus they are entirely natural. However, if these blood vessels grow, piles can develop, resulting in discomfort.

    Types of Piles:

    1) Internal piles begin inside your anal canal and may hang down and emerge from your anus. They are assessed based on whether or not they come out, and if so, how far.

    – Although first-degree piles bleed, they do not leave your anus.

    – When you poo, second-degree piles emerge out your anus, but they return inside on their own.

    – Third-degree piles emerge from your anus and can only be pushed back in by actively pushing them.

    – You can’t shove fourth-degree heaps back into your anus. If the blood within them clots, they can become quite large and painful.

    2) External piles are swellings that appear deeper down the anal canal, near the anus. They can be excruciatingly painful, particularly if a blood clot is present.

    Why Choose Prathima Hospital?

    Piles (Hemorrhoids) can be treated in a variety of ways, including non-surgical and surgical methods. We offer both approaches at economic costs.

    1) Non – surgical method.

    – The application of banding. The doctor will use a thin elastic band to wrap around the pile, which will decrease the blood supply. After a week or two, the pile will die and fall off, and the area left behind will recover spontaneously.

    – Sclerotherapy – During this process, a doctor injects an oily fluid into your piles, causing them to shrivel.

    – Infrared coagulation- During this operation, your doctor will shine infrared light on specific parts of your piles, cutting off the blood supply and causing them to shrink.

    – Treatment with bipolar diathermy and direct current electrotherapy. The doctor will use an electrical current to destroy the pile in this procedure. 



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