Dr. V.Ratna Kumari

Consultant Gynaecologist

Doctor Profile

She has  31  years of   experience in High-risk obstetrics,  Gynaec, and  Laparoscopic  Surgeries and practicing in  Hyderabad.   She also  worked as  Assistant Professor,  Associate Professor and  Professor in Gandhi Hospital,  Niloufer Hospital and  Govt Maternity  Hospital, Petlaburg and  Koti  Hyderabad since  1986.  She is retired as  Professor, Head of the Department and  Superintendent of  Govt  Maternity  Hospital,  Koti,  Hyderabad in  August  2016.  She is a  UG  and  PG   Teacher at  Gandhi Medical College and Osmania  Medical College,  Hyderabad.

Memberships :
  • India Medical  Association (IMA)
  • Federation of  Gynaecology Society  of India (FOGSI)
  • Obstetrics & Gynaecology Society of  Hyderabad  (OGSH)