Dr M Vijay Kumar

MD, DM (GASTROENTEROLOGY) Consultant Gastroenterologist

Doctor Profile

Educational Qualification:

MBBS-Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad

MBBS Internship-Osmania General Hospital, Hyderabad

MD Internal Medicine-Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences , Hyderabad

DM Gastroenterology-Gandhi Medical College, Secunderabad


  • Highly skilled in providing clinical care in in-patient, out-patient and intensive care setting.
  • Skilled in performing diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic procedures with high level of
    competence. Can perform various therapeutic endoscopic procedures including Variceal
    Ligation, Variceal injection, endoscopic dilatation with bougie and balloon, endoscopic
    treatment of ulcer bleeds, polypectomy, stent placements, argon plasma photocoagulation
    and other common procedures.