Dr. M L Prashanth Kumar

MBBS, MD (Anaesth), IDCCM HOD Dept. of Aneasthesiology & Pain Management

Doctor Profile


  • M.D(Anesthesiology and Critical care) from S.V.S Medical college.
  • M.B.B.S from Osmania Medical College

IN ICU and ER:

  • Significant experience in handling all emergencies in ER or CASUALTY
  • Like polytrauma, neuro emergencies both medical and surgical
  • Medical emergencies poisoning cases, snake bite, renal and pulmonary emergencies.
  • Significant experience in handling mechanical ventilators.
  • Significant experience in diagnosing illnesses and prescribing and administering appropriate treatment/medication for various ailments or diseases.
  • Experience in handling in Patients and managing the ICU and monitoring the patients.
  • Acted as Resident on-call for Department of Emergency medicine.
  • Proficiency in patient counseling and training subordinates in protocol-based management of cases.
  • Experience of facilitating/coaching medical students and nursing staff by using interactive discussions and “hands-on” approach to help students learn and apply concepts in medicine and approach to a patient in emergency and ICU.
  • Significant experience in interpreting ECG, X-rays, CT-scan and other laboratory and radiological investigations to correlate clinically.
  • A distinction of carrying out voluntary work in the field of HIV/AIDS.


  • Significant experience in doing a pre-anesthesia check-up, giving anesthesia to all kinds of patients depending upon the requirement.
  • Experienced in giving all kinds of anesthesia as general anesthesia, regional anesthesia like spinal, preeclampsia, eclampsia, placenta previa, abruption placenta.
  • Handling all pediatric anesthesia patients at ease.
  • Handling all orthopedic TKR, THR, Oro-maxillary and facial surgeries, general surgery emergencies and neuro emergencies in theatre.